Bondurant Reads at Baltimore Book Festival

I recently mentioned Matt Bondurant’s great story, Telemetry in the new issue of Glimmertrain. And of course, he was one of the earlier interviews conducted for Slushpile.

This past weekend, Bondurant appeared at the Baltimore Book Festival where he read from his novel, The Third Translation and also took part in a panel discussion entitled Writers on Publishing. The moderator of the panel discussion pointed out how almost 200,000 titles are published each year so the competition is fierce but Bondurant cut through the doom and gloom with a great remark. He said “everyone here has read a book that they love, but no one else here has read it.” Admittedly a simple concept, but it really hammered home how individual and specific the connection between author and reader can be in spite of all the obstacles we see in today’s publishing world. It really does boil down to one person telling a great story that one other person is going to love.

A great crowd showed up for Bondurant’s reading but if you weren’t in Charm City this past weekend, you can check out the new Glimmertrain or pick up The Third Translation here to learn more about his work.

Also, be sure to check out Bondurant’s website.

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