It’s Okay if You Put Down the Book Once in a While

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Yes, I said that it is okay to put down the book down every now and again. Man cannot live by book alone and certainly, man cannot avoid a spare tire midsection by books alone. Needing to shake off several months of sloth, and having some rather odd scheduling problems, I stopped at Merritt Athletic Clubs in Baltimore. The chain has nine locations in the greater Baltimore area but I went to the one on Fort Avenue. The salesman, Scott, went waaaaaaaay above and beyond the call of duty. He showed initiative, creativity in dealing with my scheduling headaches, and generosity beyond equal. I don’t know how many you of Slushpile-ites are in the Baltimore area, but if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in to a Merritt Athletic Club. And if you go to the Fort Avenue location, be sure to ask for a salesman named Scott.

Now, gimme about three weeks and I’ll be looking like a Men’s Health cover model and I’ll be ready to sidle up to the hottest female authors out there. Maybe a young lady named Jordan, that we’ll talk about in the next post.

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