Meno to Appear in DC

Joe Meno, author of How the Hula Girl Sings is appearing Olsson’s in Dupont Circle, 1307 19th Street NW in Washington DC, tonight at 7pm. Meno’s new novel begins “exactly where most pulp fiction usually ends, with the vivid episode of the terrible crime itself. Three years later, Luce Lemay, out on parole for the awful tragedy, does his best to finds hope: in a new job at the local Gas-N-Go; in his companion and fellow ex-con, Junior Breen, who spells out puzzling messages to the unquiet ghosts of his past; and finally, in the arms of the lovely but reckless Charlene. How the Hula Girl Sings is a suspenseful exploration of a country bright with the far-off stars of forgiveness, but still dark with the still-looming shadow of the death penalty.”

Meno’s publisher, Aksashic Books, has been doing some tremendous work lately so this should be a good reading for everyone in the DC area.

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