Literary Aspirations and eBay

Ahhhh eBay, home to deals, scams, and grilled cheese sandwiches touched by Divine Grace. One enterprising author is offering the copyright to his book for sale. The novel was released through AuthorHouse and the starting bid is $5,000. Or you can select the buy-it-now option for the bargain price of $15,000. No one has bid yet, but it’s a new auction, still with nine days to go. But you can get in on the gold rush by clicking here.

And eBay also shows us that is really is a tough time to be an author. Unknown writers have a difficult road ahead of them and even big-name authors are struggling. Case in point: The Beast himself, an author identifying himself as “I am 666” has a manuscript for sale on eBay. Current price is $1,998.00 with no bidders. But I’ve seen this book offered before, at a much higher price, I want to say it was in the $60,000 range. So as if we needed any more proof of a difficult publishing climate, even Satan himself is willing to take a paycut. Check it out here.

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