John T. Edge Reviewed in The Times

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Also in The New York Times is a review of Hamburger & Fries: An American Story by John T. Edge. Third in a series of books on American food traditions, this book focuses on the multitude of ways of preparing a hamburger throughout this land of ours. Edge is a food expert who writes for Gourmet and Saveur and frequently appears on the Food Network. And he also shared the Sunday shift with me at the bookstore years ago.

The reviewer is extremely positive about the book and writes “When I say that I wished this very short book had been longer, I speak as a satisfied customer anxiously eyeing seconds. As any chowhound will tell you, more is more.” This book is really doing well and sounds like a great read. Check out the entire review here.

Look for an interview with Edge to appear on Slushpile soon.

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