BoD: Sky Burial

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Book Sense is a national marketing campaign on behalf of the independent bookstores of America. It is both a local and national effort to spotlight the knowledge and diversity of independent bookstores. One of the program’s key components is the Book Sense Picks series. Each month, a selection of eclectic new books is chosen by independent booksellers.

One of the picks this month looks fantastic. Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet by Xinran and published by Talese/Doubleday. Susan Avery from Ariel Booksellers in New Paltz, New York describes the book this way: ???Shu Wen???s husband, a doctor, travels with the Chinese Army into Tibet and, very soon, she receives news of his death. Not willing to believe her beloved is dead, Shu Wen journeys to Tibet to try to find him. This powerful but delicate novel depicts a quest of mythic proportions, encompassing nothing less than the vastness of the path to spiritual peace through enlightenment.??? I think there’s a typo in there because from Doubleday’s website, it looks like this book is not a novel, but in fact nonfiction. Either way, it looks enthralling.

To learn more about the Book Sense program, click here.

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