Bidding War for Potter Mistakes Down Under

eBay has an interesting battle going on between two sellers in Australia. One person, located in Rowville, Victoria, AU is offering a copy of the new Harry Potter printed upside-down, back-to-front. Asking price? $10,000 AU (which is approximately $7,492 American). The seller wonders if the boy wizard cast a spell on the book.

But there’s more than one wizard in Hogwarts! A competitor is also selling an upside-down, back-to-front Harry Potter. This competitor, located in Melbourne, Victoria, AU is undercutting the competition with an asking price of $7,000 AU (about $5,244 American).

So for all three of you on this planet that have not actually started reading your copy of Harry Potter yet, rush home and check the text! You might be able to get in on this action.

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