BoD: No Country for Old Men

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We’ve talked about Cormac McCarthy’s new novel No Country for Old Men before on Slushpile. But in honor of our interview with McCarthy’s editor Gary Fisketjon, we’re making it our Book of the Day. Amazon states that July 19 is the official release date of McCarthy’s new one, but I’d suggest you go ahead and pre-order it now, let’s show the world that folks are eagerly anticipating something other than young wizards.

The new issue of Playboy examines the novel in a four star (or four bunny, I suppose) review. Critic Leopold Froehlich writes “In the hands of a lesser writer, a book about Rio Grande drogistas and worn-down west Texas sheriffs would be overworked territory. But this is no more a genre novel than is Faulkner’s Sanctuary… Although this is one of McCarthy’s more accessible works, it will also rank among his most profound.”

Pre-order the book here.

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