Walsh to Appear at Clean Well Lighted Place

Readers of Slushpile undoubtedly know my affinity for Pat Walsh’s 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why It Just Might. We’ve mentioned it several times in these pages and there are a couple of book reviews I’ve seeded around the internet that hopefully will spring up soon.

But today, I mention the text because Walsh is appearing A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books in San Francisco. His appearance is scheduled for 7pm and the store is located at 601 Van Ness Avenue and their phone number is 415-441-6670 if you need more information.

This is a fantastic book and from the handful of communications I’ve had with Walsh, he seems like a great guy who gives it to you straight. So my recommendation would be for all aspiring authors in the Bay Area to descend upon the bookstore to get the straight scoop. If some of you do make it to the signing, please send me some details on the great event!

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