Wanna Know What It’s Like in Publishing?

Esteemed member of The Velvet, friend of Slushpile, and dedicated writer and publishing observer, Logan Chance Rapp has gotten a summer job most of us would envy. Whereas I spent a summer in the Mississippi heat painting swimming pools by hand, Logan has been lucky enough to score an internship at one of our favorite publishers, MacAdam/Cage.

On his educational and entertaining blog, Logan tells all of us what it’s like to work within the hallowed hall of publishing. And the news, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone although we have a tendency to romanticize it and think of long lunches at the Algonquin, is that it’s a helluva lot of work. And along the way, Logan throws out some great advice for all of us aspiring authors. For example, he points out that too many of us try too hard when we write. He states “The thing that kills it for most people is that they???ve got a great writing voice, but when they sit down to actually work on a story, they shift into ???I???m writing!??? mode. If they just wrote like they normally do, it???d be a lot better.??? Good, simple, easy to implement advice.

Be sure to check out Logan’s blog frequently. Great stuff.

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