BoD: Bad Cat

Normally, I get a little twitchy and my teeth begin to chatter when I stand in line at one of the major chain bookstores and I look around and see what appears to be millions of little five, six, and seven dollar gift books, everywhere, peeking around every corner, stacked on every cash register, and I fell like Tweak frantically looking around at the Underpants Gnomes on South Park.

But this book is a riot: Bad Cat: 244 Not-So-Pretty-Kitties and Cats Gone Bad by Jim Edgar. Photos of cats in all sorts of crazy situations, many of them humiliating to the poor creatures, but all of them funny. PETA should quit worrying about KFC and go after folks who dress their cats up like Robin Hood if they want to do something about animal cruelty. But the SPCA assures that no cats were harmed during the making of this book, only owners who were murdered in their sleep by irritated felines. And the captions are funny. One tarted-up cat says, ???they told me I would get over my shame by the third song,??? or something along those lines.

So if you know a cat lover, check out this book here.

And while we???re talking about cats lover bibliophiles, if you ever find a copy of Felidae by Akif Pirincci, pick it up. It???s an allegory of all kinds of serious stuff, but it???s also pretty amusing. It???s a mystery novel told from the perspective of cats and they never use the term ???owner??? or ???master??? or ???human??? or ???man??? to describe you and me, instead we???re known as ???the can openers.??? Because from the cat???s perspective, every time they pay attention to us, it???s because we???ve opened a can and fed them. Anyway, it???s an interesting book.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled, non-cat, programming?Ķ

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