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It’s time for more Tales of Kingshold

If you recall, earlier this year I brought you word of a new series getting started up by D.P. Wooliscroft, with that first book entitled ?Kingshold? (you can check out that review right here). ?I?ve just recently finished reading an ARC of Wooliscroft?s latest entry in the series, named ?Tales of Kingshold? which not only…

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ASoIaF Release Date News: There Still Is No Release Date

[Spoilers, kinda] Game of Thrones has more sex and acronyms than an orgy in an all-hands business meeting. But even less titillating is the fact that there’s still no release date for the final books in the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) series?The Winds of Winter (WoW) and A Dream of Spring (ADoS).…

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With ‘Kingshold’, you’ve got a fun fantasy read

I do not quite recall how I stumbled across D.P. Woolliscroft a month or so ago, but boy, am I glad that I did. ?Actually, belay that, it may have been via the Kindle Scout program. ?Nevertheless, I’ve gotten to read two of Woolliscroft’s creations now – the novelette?Of Buccaneers and Bards?(which is set in…

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