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Tip: Imitation Teaches Originality

Nicholas Delbanco has a wonderful essay entitled From Echoes Emerge Original Voices in which he outlines an interesting idea for teaching creative writing. For his class at the University of Michigan, he actually encourages his students to imitate the greats. Delbanco argues, very persuasively, that “to engage in imitation is to begin to understand what…

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Tip: Focus on the Lesser Known Details

I think one of the best ways to establish authority, either as an author or for one of your characters, is to focus on the lesser known details. The things that only a scuba diver would know. Or that pizza joint that only a lifelong Brooklyn resident would know. Look for the things, or places,…

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Tip: Zen and the Patience of Writing

During an interview with John Dufresne, he mentioned something that although far from revolutionary, really hit home with me. Too often we, as young writers, get caught up in the obsession to publish, to succeed, to make it, to achieve our goals, to get validation for ourselves, to prove mom and dad wrong, to get…

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