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Interview: Stuart Woods, Author

Stuart Woods is the bestselling author of 30 novels and the most recent release Two Dollar Bill. Originally from a small town in Georgia, Woods now divides his time between Key West, Maine, and New York City. His string of bestsellers is impressive indeed and the man is very experienced with the writing craft.

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Interview: Mike Magnuson, Author

I owe you an apology. I’m afraid that was derelict in my journalistic duty and you, dear reader, are going to suffer for it. But without a phone-recorder, I was forced to type and take notes during my conversation with writer and tale-teller-extraordinaire Mike Magnuson. And the bouts of uncontrollable laughter, the tears running down…

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Interview: John Dufresne, Author

Ambidextrous with language, John Dufresne possesses the best of both worlds. A child of the North, Dufresne lived for many years in Lousiana, and now in Florida, where he learned the love of storytelling that is a hallmark of the South. His writing balances the northern need for economy and effeciency with the southern love…

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