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Love is a baseball field: “Shoeless Joe”

?If you build it, he will come.? Besides ?Shoeless Joe,? there are few sports novels (actually, none that I can think of) that have such an iconic line. W.P. Kinsella connects with it on page one. ?Three years ago at dusk on a spring evening, when the sky was a robbin?s-egg blue and the wind…

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Pregnant With Satan?s Spawn Or Just Hormonal? “Rosemary?s Baby”

A young woman finds herself trapped in a web of deceit, betrayal, and Satanism in Ira Levin?s 1966 classic, ?Rosemary?s Baby.? Written the same year Time magazine printed their infamous ?Is God Dead?? issue, the book reflects Baby Boomers? changing values against those of the Tommy Dorsey era. (Or should I say the Frank Sinatra…

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