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A cat person?s nine lives

THIS JUST IN: “You Know You Want This” just went to S&S’s imprint, Scout Press, for more than one million dollars, plus an additional novel in the deal. I?m guessing Kristen Roupenian thought she?d scored when her short story, ?Cat Person,? was recently published in The New Yorker. But her own story has just begun;…

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The Alienist finally gets its screen debut

I was surprised to learn that Caleb Carr?s novel “The Alienist” will soon be a TNT miniseries?not because it lacked fans (it reached the top 10 of The New York Times? Bestseller list in 1994), but because filming had been held up for years. Paramount Pictures had optioned the screen rights in 1993 and Curtis…

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NaNoWriMo: The endurance test that may lead to a bestseller

November is National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, when Great American Novelists scramble to write 50,000-word manuscripts in 30 days. What began as a 21-person contest in 1999 is now led by an Executive Director (Grant Faulkner, no relation to William) and has become a literary success, with nearly half a million people…

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