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Question: How Long Did Drafted WWII Soldiers Serve?

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I’m working on a story and have a question that I would have thought would be easy to answer. But I’ve run into dead ends (maybe I’m just being stupid this morning) so maybe you can help answer my question.

If you were drafted into the military during World War II, how long were you required to serve. Previously, I had always just assumed the stints were the usual four years that we associate with military duty. But some indications are that it might have been two years. This Wikipedia entry (and we all know how you have to be somewhat careful with that) states, “An amendment [to the Selective Training and Service Act (STSA) of 1940] increased this to 18 months in 1941.” So maybe that’s the answer? Slightly less than two years?

If any military historians out there have the definitive answer, I would much appreciate the assistance.