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Soft Skull’s Banner 2008 – Slushpile
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Soft Skull’s Banner 2008

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Many observers have argued that small presses have the best shot at succeeding in this challening economy. Those independent publishers can be more nimble is reacting to market conditions, they can carve out specialized niches, and they can maintain a more personal relationship with customers than the mega-conglomerates.

That seems to be working for at least one small publisher. Galley Cat points to a post at Conversational Reading where Soft Skull/Counterpoint Press publisher Richard Nash says his company has had its best sales record ever in the tumultous 2008.

Richard and the gang at Soft Skull are some of the best and coolest in the business, so congratulations to them. And check out the entire post and the entire series on publishing during a recession for more cool ideas companies are doing to survive and succeed.