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I Walk the Line, On the Page

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PublishersMarketplace (which by the way is basically the same thing as PublishersLunch, just different delivery methods and slightly different content, so forgive me if I refer to them interchangeably) is reporting that one of my heroes is going to be immortalized in anthology form. Bob Batchelor’s Literary Cash: Stories Inspired by the Songs of Johnny Cash was sold to Glen Yeffeth and BenBella. Erin Reel at Erin Reel Literary Agency provided representation.

In a way, I’m kind of surprised something like this hasn’t already been published.

As the Man in Black sang, “I’m gonna write a tear stained letter, I’m gonna mail it straight to you / I’m gonna bring back to your mind what you said about always being true / About our secret hidin’ places being daily satisfied / I can see you sittin’ and readin’ it while you hang your head and cry.”