Hillbilly meets presidential stormer

Reports are circulating that bestselling author and unofficial spokesperson for Appalachia JD Vance has met with controversial strategist Steve Bannon regarding openings at the Heritage Foundation.

The Washington Post reports that a number of powerful folks are being considered for leadership at the influential think tank. Then, at the bottom of the article, writer Vance’s name is mentioned in conjunction with Bannon who, allegedly, has “a desire to see an ally installed at Heritage.”

While dominating the bestseller list with Hillbilly Elegy, Vance became the approved mouthpiece for the hills on nightly political talk shows. Over time, however, some Appalachian writers and thought leaders began to complain about the way the media had bestowed upon Vance a mantle that he didn’t deserve. Some observers thought Vance’s message of bootstrapping and giving up large screen televisions was a little too simplistic. Others continued to be moved by his life story and his work.

When Vance was profiled by Megyn Kelly on NBC in the summertime, he had relocated to Columbus, Ohio and was working as a partner at venture capital firm Revolution LLC.

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