Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!

header.pngI can tolerate hearing Christmas carols in early November. I can tolerate the tinsel and snow decorations in stores appearing already. But what this particular Grinch has one thing that he can’t stand, can’t stand in the least. 

If I have to suffer through another month of those freaking jewelry store ads, I’m going to kill someone. Or maybe hijack the nearest television station so I don’t have to be reminded that “every kiss begins with K” every ten seconds. As if the diamond industry didn’t already bombard us with marketing messages throughout the year, the chain stores get into the act over the holiday season and absolutely drive me up the wall. Give me commercials about Oxy-Clean, athlete’s foot treatment, and feminine hygiene products. I’ll even submit myself to a dose of those dumb Caveman commercials.

I just don’t think I can stand another 39 days of those schmaltzy jewelry store ads with the beaming kids and smiling parents.

What’s your holiday television pet peeve?

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