I Ain’t a Young Man No More


I’m running a bit behind on my final BEA recollections because I’m hobbling around with an ice pack strapped to my leg and lacking any more energy to keep writing tonight. My team’s first soccer game was this evening and I’m feeling it. We spotted our competitors four goals in the first half but put in three scores of our own in the second half. We never could get that equalizer however, so we’re starting the season 0-1.

I re-aggravated an injured quad and I could blame my poor play on that. But the truth is that I’m just old, out of shape, with too many days sitting at a desk, too many nights on the couch reading books, and too many Mt. Dew’s poured down my throat.

I was this close to saying “Oh yeah? Well, I can read faster than you!” to that striker talking trash but I figured he wouldn’t be intimidated by that. Unless I quoted Pynchon.

Anyway, we start off with a bye early in the season so I have two weeks to heal my quad, drop some lb’s, and maybe get in shape.

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