Company Released


Max Barry fans and frustrated cubicle inhabitants everywhere rejoiced earlier this week when Company: A Novel was released on Tuesday. Barry, the bestselling author of Jennifer Government and Syrup, returns his critical gaze to the gray halls of corporate life. Zephy Holdings is an large company where no one ever sees the CEO, the gorgeous receptionist makes double what everyone else makes, and a raging employee is on a rampage because someone stole his donut. New employee Jones starts looking into things and he discovers the “company’s secret and plunges into a maelstrom of love, loyalty, management, and corporate immorality.”

Barry and his publisher, Doubleday, set up Tales of Corporate Oppression, a website for the book, where you can share your own tales of corporate woe. This is in addition to Barry’s always entertaining author website.

I have about four books right now that I have to get through, but this new novel from one of our funniest writers is certainly going on my list of next-to-reads.

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