McInerney’s 9/11 Book Jacket

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The New York Times has an interesting article detailing the book jacket for the new Jay McInerney novel, The Good Life. “Several recent novels in the United States have addressed the events of Sept. 11, 2001, but none have yet dared to use an iconic image of that day – a burning tower or ordinary objects blanketed with ash – on their covers. Now, one such book is on the way,” the article states. The novel’s “cover, designed by Chip Kidd, shows a photograph by Quyen Tran of dishes covered with concrete dust. Subtly peeking through the lettering of the title and the author’s name is a faint image of one of the World Trade Center towers on fire. On the spine is an ash-coated drinking glass, half full, or half empty. And on the back cover, a platoon of shirts, neatly arranged on hangers in a store, draped in the soot that enveloped Lower Manhattan when the twin towers collapsed.”

The article provides not just an interesting look at what will surely be a much-discussed decision by the publisher, but also a unique look at just how book jackets are designed. Check out the article here.

And while we’re talking about book jackets, be sure to check out Foreward, an excellent book design blog.

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